I’m currently working on:


Future books I’m keen to write include:

  • From criticism to kindness / what do you do when you hate yourself? A self-help guide around self-criticism / self-hatred.
  • Everyday Horrors: A mash-up between ghost stories and self-help, exploring how we can understand ourselves through horror themes.
  • Gender memoir: A memoir of multiple narratives through my life through different ways of understanding gender.
  • Understanding our selves through erotic fantasies: A mash-up between erotic fiction, memoir and self-help on the theme of erotic fantasies (first draft already written). I’d also like to write a collaborative book with erotic fiction authors on this theme.
  • Depression book: A comic memoir/self-help guide to depression.
  • Relationship memoir: A series of ‘problem page’ letters and responses between older and current versions of myself on the theme of relationships.


I’m also interested in writing more on the topic of social mindfulness, and on social/mindful approaches to relationships, self, and bodies, perhaps with my co-author Alex Iantaffi. I would love to develop some of my zines and ‘make-your-own’ guides with Justin Hancock into full graphic books.