After Happily Ever After

After Happily Ever After

Readers of this blog might be interested in a new documentary by filmmaker Kate Schermerhorn about the need for a rethinking of the institute of marriage. The film follows her quest for the secret to successful relationships, and comes up with surprising answers, many along the lines that I explore in the book Rewriting the Rules.

Here is the trailer for the film:


And here is a piece Kate wrote for the Huffington Post:

Unwanted Relationship Advice: Why Are We So Afraid To Think More Creatively About Marriage?

After six years of work and the craziest emotional roller coaster of my life, a documentary film I recently completed about marriage has made its way to audiences, some of whom have even been thoughtful enough to send me relationship advice. Thank you kind strangers, particularly Dora, who tracked me down to say that I needed therapy.

I guess Dora was concerned because she knew that I had started the film, “After Happily Ever After”, together with my second husband, looking for the secret formula to marital bliss. She also knew that our romantic quest hadn’t exactly ended with happily ever after. Read more…


  1. Lyndon Ogden

    16 November

    Hi Kate
    Owning a website http://www.40-dating, that hooks up people who are almost all divorced, I have some insight here. What comes across very often is that marriage equals ownership and ownership equals certainty. After a marriage breakdown you often want what was good in it again. One of the good things is that you had the status ‘married’ which imbued you with a status of being needed and owned/owning.

    Good Luck

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