What is (normal) sex?

I’ve been experimenting some more with prezi to create presentations online.  Here is a prezi I’ve put together for the Sexual Cultures conference later this month – follow this link to see the whole thing.

A unifying feature of virtually all clients attending sex therapy is the intense desire to be ‘normal’. Indeed, having ‘normal’ sex is frequently privileged – by such clients and by people more generally – over sex being pleasurable or fulfilling. What is considered to be normal is very much located within the current cultural context as perpetuated in mainstream media and popular discourse. As authors such as Rubin have pointed out, this is strongly rooted in psychiatric and psychological definitions of functional and dysfunctional, normal and abnormal, sex. This presentation begins a process of consideration of what alternative understandings of sex might look like, drawing on various groups and communities (continued by the other presenters in this panel). It is suggested that an expanded understanding of sex as multiple and in process may be more beneficial in terms of therapy and more widely.


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