Blog comments policy

I moderate all of the comments that come through on this blog and allow 10 days for discussion of each post before comments are closed.

I encourage discussion of the topics that I post about here and am very interested to hear what different people have to say.  It is certainly fine to disagree with what I, or somebody else, has said on an issue. The idea of Rewriting the Rules in general is that there is no one set of universal rules that works for everybody, but rather that different things work for different people at different times. So it is important to hear a diversity of opinions and ideas.

That said, the policy here is also that all discussion needs to be kindly communicated and constructive. I won’t allow through any comments that are abusive or personally insulting (to me, or to other commentators). So, for example, I would expect somebody to write ‘I disagree with this because …’ rather than ‘this is rubbish because …’ or ‘you are stupid because …’. It is important to remember that people will have differing opinions and that others will likely have just as good a reason for feeling strongly about their perspective as we do about ours.

There is a helpful set of guidelines about netiquette here which say more about communicating well on the internet. I’d appreciate it if people would follow these guidelines as it always seems a shame not to be able to allow somebody’s perspective through because of the manner in which it has been expressed.