Consulting relationship geek

I practise as consulting relationship geek with individuals – and pairs or small groups – who want to look at their relationships with themselves, with other people, with their work, and/or with the wider world. I particularly work with writers and other creatives, therapists and other practitioners, and GSRD or LGBTQ+ activists, academics, and organisers.

This consulting generally takes place with people who’ve come across my writing, found it helpful, and feel I have something to offer them on a specific issue. While I draw on my therapy training, as well as my academic and activist experience, this is usually shorter term – or less frequent – than therapy, and has a more peer-to-peer support or mentoring feel to it.

These are the kinds of issues that I work with in this way:

  • Building self-care practices into your everyday life
  • Figuring out your relationship style/structure (in relation to romantic, friendship, and/or other types of relationships)
  • Exploring your relationship to work and dealing with its emotional challenges
  • Specific input on your work around gender, sexuality and relationship diversity or other areas of expertise that I have
  • Reflecting on how you negotiate consent and boundaries in your professional/personal relationships
  • Negotiating with a partner, friend, or colleague over these kinds of issues (in joint sessions)
  • Relating to the wider world in relation to social justice, activism, or resisting critical cultural messages
  • Smaller group workshops working through my self-help materials

I mostly see people for this work for one-hour sessions on Wednesday afternoons in central London or over Skype. Sometimes it takes the form of a one-off session to direct you to relevant resources and other sources of support. Other times it might involve a few weekly sessions, or once a month for a few months.

Contact me directly if you are interested in this on You can download my contract here for more information.


Consulting Contract MJB


I can’t engage in personal correspondence about individual issues, but hopefully you will find the posts, links and resources on this website and useful. There are online groups and workshop-based events for many gender, sexuality, and relationship diverse communities which can be great places to get support and advice. An internet search should suggest groups in your local area or online spaces where you can chat to likeminded people. If you are looking for therapy then Pink Therapy is an excellent resource to search for a good therapist with relevant expertise.