The services that I offer are as a writer, a writing mentor, a speaker and facilitator, and a creative consultant and media expert. Before you contact me about any of these please do read about what I can and can’t offer, to make sure it’s what you’re looking for, and consider reading my piece about treating writers consensually to learn how to approach me with consent.

I’m no longer practising as a therapist and I can’t offer to support individuals who contact me in crisis or wanting help with personal problems.

If you want to ask a question which I can address on my podcast with Justin Hancock, please follow this link or check out our podcast which may already address your issue. Justin also offers one-to-one consultation.

If you want a therapist check out London GSRD Practice and Pink Therapy for private therapists, and London Friend, the LGBT foundation, and Metro for low cost therapy.

If you’re in crisis, the following are links to people who can help you: