Future books

I’m currently working on:

Future books I’m keen to publish include:

  • Understanding our selves through erotic fantasies: A mash-up between erotic fiction, memoir and self-help on the theme of erotic fantasies (first draft already written). I’d also like to write a collaborative book with erotic fiction authors on this theme.
  • Erotic novels: In relation to the above project I am working on a trilogy of erotic novels, applying a similar approach to the approach I apply to self-help (i.e. what would erotic fiction look like which aimed to be intersectional and inclusive of diverse bodies, practices, and relationships, and which put consent at the heart).
  • Gender memoir: A memoir of multiple narratives through my life through different ways of understanding gender.
  • From criticism to kindness / what do you do when you hate yourself? A self-help guide around self-criticism / self-hatred.
  • Everyday Horrors: A mash-up between ghost stories and self-help, exploring how we can understand ourselves through horror themes.
  • Depression book: A comic memoir/self-help guide to depression.
  • Relationship memoir: A series of ‘problem page’ letters and responses between older and current versions of myself on the theme of relationships.
  • Writing book: When I’ve done that lot I’d love to write a book about what I’ve learnt about how to write!


I’m also interested in writing more on the topic of social mindfulness, and on social/mindful approaches to relationships, self, and bodies, perhaps with my co-author Alex Iantaffi. I would love to develop some of my own zines and my ‘make-your-own’ guides with Justin Hancock into full graphic books, on topics like plural selves, intentional relationships, consent, self-care, and staying with feelings.