You can download our free books on plurality as pdfs here. They contain our collected writing about plural selves.


Note that these pieces were written during our own plural journey over the last few years, as we explored our own experience and gradually learned about more plural perspectives. This project is definitely a work in progress for us, so these writings may not always represent either our own, or culturally, current thinking/practice on these topics. For our most recent thinking around plurality, and an updated resource list, check out our latest plural zine, and wait for the book!

Plural Biographies

James is our grounded self who holds us steady through everyday life and does all the admin. Element: Earth.

Ara is our witnessing, compassionate self who holds us in spaciousness and presence, with a loving gaze. Element: Space.

Fox is our creative self, with a beginner’s mind and a lot of curiosity and delight. Element: Air.

Morgan is our reformed inner critic, a firey truth-teller. Earlier posts call her ‘Beastie’ (the ‘bad’ truth-telling side of Morgan) or Max (the ‘good’ helper side of Morgan). Element: Fire.

Robin is our vulnerable self, a sensitive, loving self. Earlier posts call him ‘Tony’ (the ‘bad’ playful side of Robin) or Jonathan (the ‘good’ people-pleasing side of Robin). Element: Water.


If you’d rather read our writing online, here are some links to our main posts about plurality.

  • You can find our zines introducing the concept of plurality here.
  • An FAQ about plurality is here.
  • There are posts about how plurality relates to trauma here and here, and how it relates to mindfulness here.
  • There is an academic paper about plurality, queerness, and comics here.
  • There are posts about our flight, freeze, fawn and fight parts here and here.
  • There is a comic introducing all of us here which we would love one day to expand into a graphic memoir.
  • There’s an interview with us about plurality and mental health on the So Many Wings podcast, and in written form here.