Meg-John Barker

Howdy! Welcome to my website.

Who am I?

I’m Dr. Meg-John Barker. I’m the author of Rewriting the Rules and a number of other self-help books on love, sex, and gender, as well as Queer: A Graphic History and many other comic books and zines. I present the Meg-John & Justin podcast with Justin Hancock. I also work as a writing mentor and creative consultant, provide talks and workshops, and give interviews and advice for the media.

What do I do?


Primarily I write! Mostly booksarticles, and zines which explain academic, therapeutic, and activist ideas simply. I enjoy mixing non-fiction together with fiction, memoir, and comics. I also write books and online resources for counsellors and other practitioners about Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity (GSRD), mindfulness, and other topics. If you’d like me to write for you there’s more information here.

Writing mentorship

I also work as a writing mentor with people who want someone to shepherd them through a book project, to help them set up a blog, to develop their writing practice, to reflect with them personally on their writing (anything from journaling to published writing), or work with them in any other way around creative projects. This work draws on my decades of experience writing and publishing, supervising students, and working as a trained therapist. If you’d like to be a client there are more details here.

Talks, workshops and training

I frequently give talks, workshops, and trainings around my writing and other areas of expertise. I’m keen to take part in panel discussions and to contribute to relevant events, conferences, and festivals. If you want to book me you can find more information, and see examples of my talks and trainings, here.

Media engagement

I often talk to journalists, programme-makers, podcast hosts, etc. about my areas of expertise and have worked as a creative consultant around gender, sex, and relationship diversity, and consent, on publisher plays, books, and other projects. The Sun called me a ‘bisexual boffin’, but I prefer The Indy‘s description of me as a ‘trans visionary’! Judge for yourself –  there’s a list of my key media engagements here, and more about what I can and can’t offer to media folk here.

What can I find here?

On this website you’ll find my blog, as well as details of the services I offer, and my free resources, videos, and zines. Over on you can listen to my regular podcast with Justin Hancock, as well as finding more zines, videos, and blog posts.

Contact me…

You can contact me by email on, but please be mindful that I can’t always respond. I don’t always check direct messages on social media. Please don’t contact me via messenger apps, phone, or text unless you’re a close friend. 

Before you contact me, please check out my post on treating writers consensually, so you know what I will and won’t respond to, and the details of what I do and don’t offer.

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