Meg-John Barker

Welcome to my website

Who am I?

I’m a queer therapeutic writer who supports folk in my communities around their creativity. I’m the author of Rewriting the Rules and a number of other books about sex, gender, and mental health, as well as Queer: A Graphic History and many other comic books and zines

What do I do?

Primarily I write – mostly zines, booksarticles, and blog posts (now collected together into free books) which explain academic, therapeutic, activist, and spiritual ideas simply. I enjoy mixing non-fiction together with fiction, memoir, and comics. In the past I’ve written academic pieces as well as books and resources for practitioners about Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity (GSRD), mindfulness, and other topics. These days I write a lot about plurality, trauma, consent, and creativity. If you want to buy my books here’s my independent bookshop page and queer lit page

I also support folk in my communities around their creative projects in various ways including: mentorship, engaging in events, consultancy, and facilitating groups about cultivating self/collective care and understanding through creativity.

If you’d like to support this work, please sign up to my Patreon, or make a one-off donation to my paypal.

What can I find here?

On this website you’ll find my blog, details of my writings, and various free books, videoszines, and other resources.

For events or queries relating to my work you can contact me via my publishers: Icon Books, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, or Routledge. Please check out my post on treating writers consensually, so you know what I will and won’t respond to.


Other support…

I’m no longer practising as a therapist and I can’t offer to support individuals who contact me in crisis or wanting help with personal problems.

If you want a therapist check out Pink Therapy for private therapists, and London Friend, the LGBT foundation, and Metro for low cost therapy.

If you’re in crisis, the following are links to people who can help you: