The objectives of this session are:

  • To reflect upon our own ideas and assumptions about (bi)sexuality and how this might influence our practice.
  • To understand the range of experiences and identities under the bisexual umbrella.
  • To consider how societal bisexual invisibility and biphobia impact on bisexual people and others who are attracted to more than one gender.
  • To overview the kinds of issues which might bring bisexual people to seek help/support, and potential barriers to seeking support.
  • To determine good practice with bisexual people.


  • Stereotypes around bisexuality.
  • Definitions and extent of bisexuality.
  • Wider understandings of sexuality: The place of bisexuality.
  • Bisexual invisibility and biphobia.
  • Key issues facing bisexual people.
  • Support and community.
  • Good practice with bisexual people.

Final reflections and questions, additional resources.