This workshop is designed for therapists or other practitioners who want to know more about mindfulness and the ways in which it might be useful for their work. It is open to people working from all different modalities and encourages discussion of how mindfulness might work with a variety of existing approaches to SRT (e.g. CBT, physiological, humanistic, systemic, psychodynamic).

The workshop will start with basic mindfulness techniques and definitions for those who are unfamiliar with these ideas. We will consider mindfulness as both a way of understanding suffering and as a set of practices which people can employ. We will explore how mindfulness can be something we encourage our clients to do, something that we ourselves practice or bring into dialogue with our current approach, and a way of understanding the counselling relationship.

The workshop will be very experiential including several different practices as well as discussion of the theory behind them and how they might be incorporated into our work and/or lives.