Working with ‘paraphilias’

This workshop will consider how we (as individuals, communities and therapists) understand sex and sexuality, particularly in terms of the divisions that are generally made between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ sex. Participants will be introduced to different ways of conceptualising sex, considering how their own attitudes to talking about sex and sexuality might impact upon their client work. There will be an opportunity to consider how the issue of sex has been addressed in participants’ practice to date and to identify any potential blind-spots. This workshop will also introduce a range of tools for engaging with clients on issues of sexuality. This second half of the workshop will focus on the ‘paraphilias’ which are identified within DSM V and ICD 10 and assist the participants in exploring how they would engage with clients presenting with these issues. Participants will be introduced to the range of sexual practices in the 21st how to work with alternative sexual practices, such as BDSM and fetish behaviours, tackling issues such as consent and creativity in sex.