Writing for publication

This workshop prepares attendees to write for publication about sexual and relationship therapy. It is designed to suit everybody from the absolute beginner to the postgraduate student who is thinking of publishing their research. We will consider common anxieties about writing and address these. We will think about the kinds of publications which we could submit to, and the helpfulness of ‘gradual exposure’ techniques when it comes to academic/professional writing. We will look, in depth, at two fairly simple kinds of research that people could undertake and publish (the case study, and topic-based research), thinking about the practicalities and ethical issues involved in these. Following this we will focus on writing itself, introducing some basics for structure, tone, format and content, and the things you can do to encourage reviewers and editors to look favourably on your work. Finally we will go through the process of submitting to the BASRT journal, Sexual and Relationship Therapy in order to demystify this and encourage people to write and submit for it. Throughout the workshop attendees will undertake group and individual exercises to try out various possibilities. Examples will be given of various types of writing and references made to the key texts which expand on various possibilities.

A follow-up advanced writing workshop is also available.