Writing mentor

Writing Mentor

I work as a writing mentor with people who want someone to shepherd them through a book project, to help them set up a blog, to develop their writing practice, to reflect with them personally on their writing (anything from journaling to published writing), or work with them in any other way around creative projects.

This work builds on my decades of experience writing and publishing twenty non-fiction and fiction books – as well as articles, blogs and zines – myself, in addition to supervising undergraduate and postgraduate writing, and working with therapeutic clients around their writing. I weave together practical support with the process of writing, emotional support around both process and content, and hands-on editing, feedback and support around publication and publicising your writing.

I can work with fiction and non-fiction writers including journalistic authors, bloggers, academic writers, and writers of graphic novels, scripts, and more. I have particular expertise around the self-help, memoir, therapy, horror and erotic fiction genres, as well as working with LGBTQ+ and feminist writers.

Specifically I can offer all of these forms of help:

  • Support with the content of your writing, e.g. drawing on my expertise around gender, sexual, and relationship diversity, mental health, or other matters
  • Assistance planning your writing or reflecting on your ideas
  • Editing your writing, e.g. having sessions for each chapter to discuss it and any feedback/changes
  • Thinking about your writing practice and how you fit it into your life and build in self-care around it
  • Help with the blocks and challenges you face with your writing
  • Talking with you about the emotional impact of your writing, e.g. what it reveals to you about yourself, or the challenges it throws up for the rest of your life
  • Thinking through what you want to do with your writing, e.g. publication in various forms

I mostly see people for this work for one-hour sessions in central London, Brighton, or over Skype. Sometimes it takes the form of a longer focused session. We might meet regularly with me reading your work in between.

I’m also happy to work with groups for longer sessions or writing retreats.

Contact me directly if you are interested in this on meg.john.barker@gmail.com. You can download my contract here for more information.

Writing Mentor Contract MJB