New website!

Today I can reveal my new-look website. Isn’t it great?!

Hopefully it’ll be easier now to get information about my books, zines, videos, etc. as well as following my blog posts (which I hope to write more of now this is done).RtRIndexWordle

Many thanks to the Open University Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance for paying for the revamp, and most of all to the wonderful Hey Kiddo for doing the hard work. If you’re looking for stationery, prints, websites, logos or branding I recommend them highly – you can see what a great job they’ve done here.

And now for another blog post…



Meg-John (MJ) Barker (they/them) is a writer, zine-maker, collaborator, contemplative practitioner, and friend. They are the author of a number of zines and popular books on sex, gender, and relationships, including graphic guides to Queer, Gender, and Sexuality (with Jules Scheele), and How To Understand Your Gender, Sexuality and Relationships (with Alex Iantaffi).


  1. John Brookes

    12 October

    Hi Meg-John

    Like the site, but you have a problem with your security certificate – might want to get those guys (can I say that?) at Hey Kiddo to sort it for you.

    John Brookes

    • Meg-John Barker

      12 October

      Thanks so much John, have done – I expect it’ll take a little while for all the details to get sorted.

    • Meg-John Barker

      12 October

      Hey Kiddo say ‘The old link is probably cached in regular visitors browsers – I had to clear my browsing history, cookies etc to view’ – I hope that’s helpful John!

      On the ‘guys as a collective term’ – that is a whole blog post in itself, but the short version is that I like it but I can also see why some people don’t 🙂