Trauma Superconference Talk

Trauma Superconference Talk

I recently did an interview for The Trauma Super Conference, which is running from December 3rd to December 9th. It looks set to be an amazing event covering a huge diversity of trauma-related topics, and including talks by some of the people I regularly mention here, and in my free book on trauma.

In my interview I spoke with Jaia Bristow about

  • The importance of understanding trauma across multiple levels (existential, cultural, relational, internal),
  • Trauma as a combination of the experience (or accumulation of experiences) and the way it is (or isn’t) held and heard,
  • The relationship between developmental and cultural forms of trauma and the importance of working with traumatised inner and outer systems,
  • Plurality as a way of making sense of how trauma operates in us,
  • Identifying traumatised parts,
  • Cultivating containing parts, and
  • Working between plural parts to heal trauma

You can read more about all these topics in my free books on trauma and plurality, and they’ll all be covered in much more depth in my new graphic guide to mental health, which I’m currently in the process of writing.

Meg-John (MJ) Barker (they/them) is a writer, zine-maker, collaborator, contemplative practitioner, and friend. They are the author of a number of zines and popular books on sex, gender, and relationships, including graphic guides to Queer, Gender, and Sexuality (with Jules Scheele), and How To Understand Your Gender, Sexuality and Relationships (with Alex Iantaffi).